Bela Breza

Apartma Bela Breza

Welcome to Apartma Bela Breza.

Our comfortable and spacious apartment is located in the village of Šentjanž close to the small town of Rečica ob Savinji in the heart of the Upper Savinja Valley. We say we are ‘in the heart of nature’ and it is no idle claim. We have a wildflower meadow and forest that visitors are welcome to enjoy.

One does not have to do much more than venture out the door to savour the wonderful scenery from the balcony as we look south across towards a range of hills called Menina Planina (Monks Mountains) and down the valley to the white towers of the Nazarje monastery.

The Upper Savinja Valley (Zgorna Savinska Dolina) is renowned for its special light and wide variety of flora and fauna that makes it an artist and photographer’s destination. There are a number of rare flowers to be found in the region, including orchids and the Carniolan Lily.

Depending on when you visit there is a wealth of activities from walking and hiking – just about all year round, to skiing in season, rafting and canoeing, horse riding, cycling, trout fishing, bird watching and nature watching. Shinrin Yoku or, mindful walking in the forest is a perfect way to enjoy the forest. Either or both of us can walk with visitors around some delightful paths and trails. There is something to suit all abilities – up and around or out and along, on the mountains or following the Savinja river.

Suffice it to say you won’t have to go too far up or along the trails to see, hear and feel what delights are to be found. There are a number of spots near the apartment which are perfect for mindful sitting and meditation. A sheltered spot for picnicking or sunbathing is on a small plateau above the wildflower meadow with what neighbours say is the best view in the valley.